License Audit Assignment Maintenance Brokers ‘saving money on technology one client at a time’

Providing Performance Based Spend & Value Management services and Contract Negotiation Advisory for all types IT related agreements:

  • Hardware
  • Training
  • Professional Services
  • Software
  • Annual M&S
  • and more
  • Compliance Audit
  • Assignment Rights-of-use

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License Services

License SolutionsLAAMB’s Spend Management & Negotiation Advisory Services will negotiate or re-negotiate your IT software & hardware agreements to save your company up to 40% of your overall IT spend.

Maintenance Brokers

Maintenance BrokersLooking for ways of improving the bottom line without acquiring new technology? Let LAAMB review your current maintenance & Support agreements for increased year-over-year savings.

Audit & Assignment Services

Audit & Assignment ServicesHave you been audited by your IT vendor? Are you anticipating fee(s) related to an audit or a potential rights-of-use violation? LAAMB can provide substantial savings for companies facing compliance and rights-of-use violations.

Additional Services & Benefits

Additional Services & BenefitsLAAMB offers solutions for reducing fees associated with CPU upgrade and refresh, disaster recovery, SaaS and Cloud model contracts and more, all while providing the most aggressive ROI averages in the industry.

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Actual Employer costs per hour worked for employee compensation in private industry as of December 2011 - Geographic Data Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics compared to LAAMB-lite annual subscription